Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Selling Secret - Drop the Pitch.

Are you selling something, or are you helping your prospect buy? This is a key question, because it frames the type of interaction you're preparing to have with your prospect. Think about this for a minute: why do consumers "hate" salespeople?

Because they don't want to be sold.

So, what's the big clue that you're trying to sell them something?

The Pitch.

The problem begins with your routines, and lives in your complacency, your lack of differentiation, your lack of creativity, and finishes with you missing opportunities without even realizing it. Why? You feel like you were smooth, you feel like you were polished, but you came off like a salesperson.

The prospect smelled your pitch, branded you a "nasty salesperson", got spooked, and tuned you out. They didn't listen to your features and benefits, they didn't give you honest answers.

How about a different approach? Consider getting to know the prospect. Consider finding out where they hurt. Consider learning about what's important to them. Consider telling them a compelling and relevant story. Yes, you should be seeking out and remembering relevant, compelling stories. Consider relating to your prospect.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with going into a sales meeting without a script. In fact, if you have a script, toss it. Using scripts makes you clumsy, it detracts from your ability to listen and steals your focus. Don't focus on what YOU want, focus on what THEY want. Then, and only then, can you begin to earn their trust. And trust, my friends, will close you more sales than any other tool in your bag. Of course, you'd better be worthy of that trust. If you're not, you're in the wrong business, friend.

So, drop the pitch, and get to know your prospect.

Happy Selling!

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