Monday, June 16, 2008

Best Referral Tip Ever: Assume The Referral

Now, we've all heard of the closing technique "assuming the sale". Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. Have you ever considered transferring the concept to your bag of referral generating tricks?

It's really quite simple. While in conversation with your prospect or client, as you're probing, questioning, and deepening the relationship, the names of people will invariably come up. When they do, note them. Then, later in the conversation, consider assuming them as a referral by saying, "You know, you had mentioned that you regularly eat brunch with John Smith. I'd really like to join you both some time, as it sounds like John and I might get along. I'd even be happy to buy brunch. When is the next time you're planning to go?"

This works, I've done it. Now, the example above was simply an example, but you get the point. A couple of qualifying questions might be useful in terms of being efficient with your own time, as well as demonstrating some interest in the 'referral'. Just be careful not focus too keenly on the third party - you don't want your prospect feeling as though you're not focusing on them. So, keep it brief and to the point.

Assuming the referral works. Practice digging for names in your next meeting.

Happy selling!

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